DMP-200 / Adapter Plate for Driftmaster Style Rod Holders

Special Order 

DMP-200 / Adapter Plate for Driftmaster® Style Rod Holders.
Adapter plate for Driftmaster style rod holders using the 3/8" - 16 thread hole or 1/2" - 13 thread hole threaded shank to be solidly mounted to this plate.

Allowing you the flex-ability to slide this style holder into the track and position these rod holders in any location you would like, without drilling each one in a specific location.
This is for the Starboard side ( right side facing the front of the boat )
Right Threads - Any Driftmaster rod holder that has a right-threaded stem will be mounted on the right side of the boat. This eliminates rod tip from swinging around toward rear of the boat when under extreme stress while trolling when a big fish strikes or a hang-up occurs.
We sell one for thePort Side ( left side facing the front of your boat ) as well it is part # DMP-200LH
*** This is for the plate only, we do not sell the Driftmaster rod holders ***