RH2 / Double Lift and Turn Rod Holder with Track Mount Base

Double Lift & Turn Rod Holder with Base to Slide in Track
This uses 2 of our RH1 Single Lift & Turn Rod Holder.
This super duty rod holder offers maximum positioning of your fishing rod.
Lifts & rotates every 18 degrees/20 positions for maximum all-around positioning.
One-handed adjust-ability by pulling the tube sideways and then moving it to next set of teeth and releasing for full engagement and strength of all 20 teeth machined in the side of this holder.
There are 6 positions from 0 degrees to 90 degrees and one position past 90 degrees to get the rod tip to the water if desired.
We have machined a center hub to prevent lifting when used with Dipsy Divers® on the bottom and side sections.
This is an aluminum machined rod holder you will not be disappointed with its strength and flexibility.

These units have rod holders with teeth, as described above, they are on 2" raised riser with the track base plate for use with our track system.
A small mounting platform of 6" is only needed to give you the big fishing capability with these units.
4"x4" hard mounting base also available.