TM-1000 / Transducer Mount-5

TM / Transducer Mount comes with :

  • One Transducer Collar
  • One Five Foot Transducer Pole with Handle
    • Outer diameter (OD) 1.500" (1-1/2")
    • Inner diameter (ID) 1.250" (1-1/4")
  • Adjustable Arm

We recommend you add one additional collar to each order allowing the pole to be set at 2 different  depths  easily (Part Number is TM-1003) 

Our Transducer poles require a minimum 6” track (MT-6) to be installed where the pole is to be mounted.  Please add if your boat does not have a track system.  

Works for all brands !
The mounting bracket on the bottom of each brand is unique...  Some brands can clamp on, some mount on one side and drill 2 holes in the side of our tube to mount the bracket , some brackets fit centered up on the tube/pole and  get a hole drilled on each side .   These basic modifications may be required depending on which type of Transducer you have purchased and are considered a normal part of the mounting process.

Mounting bracket extends approximately 9 inches from the center of mount to edge of the transducer pole  

Additional Shipping: Due to the length of our poles, the Canada Post shipping rates are slightly higher to reflect the oversized packaging of this product.

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