TM-1000 / Transducer Mount-5

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TM / Transducer Mount comes with :

  • One Transducer Collar
  • One Five Foot Transducer Pole with Handle
    • Outer diameter (OD) 1.500" (1-1/2")
    • Inner diameter (ID) 1.250" (1-1/4")
  • Adjustable Arm

We recommend you add one additional collar to each order allowing the pole to be set at 2 different  depths  easily (Part Number is TM-1003) 

Works for all brands !
The mounting bracket on the bottom of each brand is unique...  Some brands can clamp on, some mount on one side and drill 2 holes in the side of our tube to mount the bracket , some brackets fit centered up on the tube/pole and  get a hole drilled on each side .   These basic modifications may be required depending on which type of Transducer you have purchased and are considered a normal part of the mounting process.

Mounting bracket extends approximately 9 inches from the center of mount to edge of the transducer pole  

Additional Shipping: Due to the length of our poles, the Canada Post shipping rates are slightly higher to reflect the oversized packaging of this product.

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**THIS ITEM IS IN EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND AND IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK IN CANADA AND THE USA.**  If you are wanting one of our Transducer poles, please place the order now to put yourself in the Que.  As soon as they arrive you will be notified and the item will ship.    Thank you in advance for your patience.