VBT-4 / Vertical tree with 4 Rod Holder

Vertical Tree with 4 Rod Holders
This slides into our Traxstech mounting track system.
If you use in-line planer boards for lead core, copper line or just long lining this is the ultimate rod holder system for you.
Our exclusive post design allows
 independent rod holder adjust-ability.
Each holder has six available positions in a 90-degree area for maximum spread of rod tips, allowing easier turns virtually tangle free.
The concept of the vertical tree mounted as far forward as possible allows full gunwale for the board rods, divers, and corner downriggers, keeping the transom completely open for netting and resetting baits.
We have also used this vertical tree in situations where space is limited and the top holders were used for boards and the bottom one for a diver rod.

accessories :

BH-100V / Vertical Tree Beverage Holder

PBCV-3 / Planer Board Caddy for the VBT salmon sized boards

PBCV-4 / Planer Board Caddy for the VTB  walleye  size planer boards

TH-100V Vertical Tree Tool Holder


Silver Port
Silver Starboard
Black Port
Black Starboard